Jack Burrito's new delivery menu

Since Jack is now delivering full time, we wanted to give you the very best takeaway options.

Our executive chef Bethany Donkin has been working hard on crafting brand new recipes, focussing on what Jack Burrito does best: burritos, of course!


 Burrito delivery in Chester

 All of our burritos are completely customisable, from the wrap—which can be changed to gluten free—to the main filling, to extra ingredients. We can't wait to see what you'll create!

 Starting from the Classic Burrito, you are now able to choose from eight different meaty fillings or seven vegan ones, since each dish has a vegan counterpart.

 We also offer plenty of extra ingredients, from pico de gallo to jalapeños to sour cream and more.

 If you feel particularly greedy and can't settle for just one set of proteins, the Mighty Burrito has you covered: choose two main fillings instead of one.

 Since most of you have voted for the Californian Burrito on our Facebook poll, we couldn't leave out this bad boy. Its special ingredient? Mexican French Fries! #OhYeah

 The Naked Burrito brings you all the goodies that a 'fully clothed' burrito has to offer, except—instead of being wrapped in a tortilla—they are arranged as a hearty, colourful bowl.

Burrito delivery in Chester

 Mexican Salads and sides

 We have also introduced a Mexican Salad and a Citrus Salad, perfect for warm summer evenings.

Chips&dips and corn on the hob are amongst the tasty sides that you can add to your order or share with your amigos (although... good luck trying to share the corn on the hob!).


 How about a burrito and a beer? We are now selling refreshing lagers, a pale ale and a cider (be prepared to show your ID to the Deliveroo and UberEats drivers).


How does this sound, amigos?

Check out our new menu on Deliveroo!