Yorkos: Jack Burrito's exclusive Yorkshire pudding based tacos

Yorkos - Yorkshire Pudding Tacos

At Jack Burrito, we created the craziest (and tastiest!) solution to your ‘Sunday Roast or Mexican food’ dilemma: YORKOS. They are Yorkshire pudding based tacos, stuffed with roasted veggies and served with a good old pot of gravy.

You can choose between Mexican Spiced Beef Chilli, Pork Carnitas and Herb & Lime Marinated Pull Chicken. Or add some Mexican stuffing: how festive!

“I wanted to find a way to combine the essence of the traditional British Christmas dinner and Mexican street food,’ said executive chef Bethany Donkin. “What better than Yorkshire pudding based tacos?”

Not only have they been greatly appreciated by our amigos: they also ended up on the local news for Chester and Cheshire!

Come and try them!